During the advent of Islam Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) refined Cupping Therapy (Hijama) making it an Islamic discipline in its own right surrounded by rules and regulations particular to Islam only.

Islam greatly encourages the use of Hijama Therapy as a therapeutic and remedial treatment. Hijama works by creating a negative pressure in the applied area, thus relieving pain and pressure.

Hijama Therapy rids the body of harmful pathogens by drawing out the excess blood lying dormant underneath the skin. Research has shown considerable pathological differences in the healthy blood in the veins and the stagnant blood underneath the skin.

Hijama forces the body to increase its blood circulation and boosts the immune system allowing the body to use its natural resources to heal itself. It is a natural way to alleviate pain and treatment many illnesses.

We believe prevention is better than cure. Hijama Therapy is one of the best ways to avert illnesses and maintain good health. Today's diet and lifestyle choices are paramount in determining our risk for disease in the future. Combination of a healthy diet, regular exercise and having Hijama regularly can help prevent the occurence of illnesses in the future.


Al-Daleel Polyclinic in dubai provides you the best Hijama/Cupping in dubai.
Our specialist sports physio are highly experienced in the assessment and treatment of soft tissue injuries, with award winning knowledge of biomechanics, tissue pathology and healing. They carry out a thorough assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for all musculoskeletal injuries.


Get Rid of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Relief from Lung Diseases
Keeping the Skin Healthy
Relieving Digestive Problems
Healing Urinary Diseases
A Way of Relaxation
Fast relief Hypertension,Migraine,Bronchial Asthma
Varicose Veins of lower limbs and Piles
Gynecological diseases like irregular menstruation
Prostatic Enlargement & Sexual Disability
Faster Pain Relief.Cupping can relieve pains due to arthritis, lower back pain etc

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